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  • All space Illustrated stamped covers, which were issued by the Ministry of Communications of the USSR (1957-1967)

  • All official space cancellations of the Ministry of Communications of the USSR (1958-1967). Many variants of all cancellations  are presented

  • All space stamped cards, which were issued by the Government publishing houses  (1958-1967),

  • All souvenir space sets /stamped cover and card/, issued in USSR (1964-1991),

  • The most complete catalog of unmarked space postcards (1957-1962)

  • Many so-called “club covers”, which were produced in the Soviet Union by local societies of philatelists. Covers are placed by topic and by city

  • All one-side cards with space stamp (3 copecks) of 1961

  • All passes to the Red Square for the meetings of  the first Soviet cosmonauts (1959-1968)

  • Many invitations for the celebrations of the cosmonautics Day (1962-1974)


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